Entry #6

Heya hey hi

2013-04-27 17:28:34 by Seanymac

So life continues: a lot of great has come as well as bad. I won first place on a Political Cartoon Contest and I was commissioned to create a mural for my school as well. It's nice to actually make a few bucks off my artwork and hopefully the money won't stop there. The 'Dog Day' strip will also be published in the Linework comic anthology zine which is great as it gets me to chit chat with people (something I'm reluctant to do at times.)
Success however: I was able to meet some very talented Chicago artists who are around my age and they all create comics dealing with the struggle/hilarity of life. We drank together at a sushi bar and talked about penis length, parasites we've had, and embarrassing childhood experiences. Good times. No, great times.


-Let's be honest. You rock.


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2013-04-28 03:53:04

Congrats on the first place!